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CULTURA: Cultura boosts its Cross Channel development with Generix Group solutions





Founded in 1998, Cultura is a major player on the cultural goods’ market in France. The company uses a wide range of Generix Group solutions to steer its back office, its front office and data exchanges with partners.
When developing its stationery, creative hobbies and graphic arts activities, Cultura decided to use Generix tools to manage all of its administrative and physical flows. GCI EDI On Demand automates daily exchanges between Cultura and its suppliers, with an excellent rate of availability guaranteed by Generix Group’s operational services.
The positive results of these solutions in Cultura’s environment swayed its decision in 2010, as part of a project to diversify its sales channels, to choose the innovative Generix Collaborative Customer (GCC) range.
Through choosing GCC, Cultura puts the customer at the centre of Cross Channel business, for a bespoke and interactive relationship on all sales channels. The project began with the implementation of the GCC Cross Channel payment solution and GCC Promotion for in-store and on-line sales. In parallel to the e-commerce site, GCC is used in 44 stores on 350 POS.

The “queue busting” function speeds up sales recordings when points of sale are very busy. Loyalty applications (GCC Loyalty) and m-commerce applications (GCC Mobile) helped to sway Cultura’s decision to choose GCC by Generix Group.



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