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KERAKOLL: Advanced Scheduling & MES: a case in the Building Chemical Industry




Sector:  Chemical - Cosmetic - Pharma
Tag:  Advanced Scheduling

Kerakoll was founded in 1968 in Sassuolo, a small Italian town, at the heart of the European largest tile producer district. The company is currently a world innovator in providing GreenBuilding solutions, based on aknowledged technological leadership. Kerakoll is committed to researching and achieving innovative solutions that safeguard the environment and improve health and quality of home-life through eco-friendly and naturally breathable products, which help avoid the most common illnesses caused by indoor pollution. Our vision is to represent GreenBuilding as a new building philosophy minimising environmental impact, improving overall home quality of life and the health of its inhabitants.

Project motivations
Kerakoll marketplace has been showing signs of growing complexity in the last years. It has become more demanding, focused on flexibility (new needs, new products), product customisation, with decreasing sale quantity at SKU level. Customer service level is becoming more and more critical due to high competition.

Such elements have generated an impact on the company internal processes, in terms of: increasingly high quality standard, increase in quantity of SKUs and raw materials to manage, reduction of production campaign and increase in changeover activities (with resulting increase of scraps, inefficiencies, ..) and new packaging formats. Such complexity was not supported by adequate software tools in the operations processes.

Production planning and control was mainly achieved using common automation office tools, but these could no longer sustain the new challenges. Few data were collected from the floor and were available off-line. The respect of delivery times was becoming harder and few information were available to help the management identify critical situations in advance.

In such context the company decided that one of the primary requirements was to integrate to the ERP system an advanced scheduling tool for resources, capable of easily integrate with machine supervision software. The MES software is designed to collect and control all real-time data concerning shop-floor activities, in order to monitor in-progress production, elaborate manufacturing KPIs as well as manage production tracking and traceability.



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