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COBHAM: Cobham sees reporting take off with Infor Corporate Performance Management
About the companyAn international company that develops, delivers, and supports leading-edge aerospace and defence technology and systems, Cobham is organized into four core divisions: Mission Systems, Defense Systems, Avionics and Surveillance, and Aviation Services. Cobham’s products and services have been at t  >>
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (OSU) MEDICAL CENTER: Achieving Results through Improved Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management Processes
Through Ariba’s strategic sourcing and contract management solutions, OSU Medical Center is improving sourcing visibility and validation, and centralizing all contract management to ensure contract compliance.   >>
VODAFONE: Where Collaboration Cuts Costs
Mobile phone operator Vodafone has been working in partnership for over 15 years with UTL, a partnership that has seen the company take increasing responsibility for the distribution, car kit installation, repair and refurbishment of Vodafone handsets and accessories. Collaboration between the two firms has enabled Vod  >>
ORIO AB: Orio AB takes control of planning with Infor
About the companyOrio AB provide smart part solutions for Saab cars and other brands. Based in Nyköping, Sweden, Orio AB’s warehouse was established in 1969 when the Saab Car Division of Saab-Scania was created. Saab manufactured cars for 60 countries worldwide. Primary markets included the US, UK, Sweden, G  >>
Lituanica’s appetite for success leads to Slimstock partnership
The UK’s largest specialist retail chain of Lithuanian and Eastern European cuisine has partnered with inventory management experts, Slimstock, to increase availability across its network of stores and wholesale cash & carry operation. With continued year on year growth for over 15 years, Lituanica will im  >>
NTV NUOVO TRASPORTO VIAGGIATORI: Comprehensive, accurate and flexible passenger rail planning
NTV – (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori S.p.A.) is the first private operator on the Italian high speed rail network. The service started in December 2011. The Quintiq system enables NTV to optimize all the operational resources, taking into account efficiency, security, operational robustness and labor rules. &n  >>
GWA GROUP LIMITED: GWA Group Speeds Up User Adoption of Infor M3 with Learning Tools
About the company.GWA Group Limited is the leading supplier of building fixtures and fittings for households and commercial businesses in Australia, with manufacturing and distribution facilities across the continent. Each of its divisions—GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens, GWA Heating & Cooling, and GWA Door &  >>
LORO PIANA: Loro Piana creates its own customized planning solution with Quintiq
Loro Piana is an Italian textile and luxury goods producer. Loro Piana's Textile Division has been supplying the finest wool fabrics to the most exclusive clients for more than six generations. Loro Piana produces textiles in its own facilities in Italy and the finishing department is where its expert workforce gives t  >>
ENDERS: Enders opted for a four-aisle, fully automatic tote warehouse
Enders GmbH & Co. KG, based in Reiskirchen (Germany) has more than 170 years of experience in the meat-processing industry. The fifth-generation family-owned meat wholesaler employs a total of 300 people and supplies butcher shops, the food service and meat industry, offering its customers an all-round offering inc  >>
Protective Wear Supplies safeguards product availability with Slimstock
Since 1975, Protective Wear Supplies has specialised in personal protective equipment, corporate workwear and cleaning solutions. To stay ahead in the fiercely competitive PPE market, PWS has embarked upon a major supply chain improvement project focused on boosting both efficiency and product availability. &nbs  >>

1 - 10 of 362
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