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If you are interested in discovering how SCM Portal can help your communication activities, please contact SCM Portal at

SCM Portal Ltd
Bulloch House, 10 Rumford Place
Liverpool, England, L3 9DG, UK
Registered in England and Wales No. 09764973
Registered Office Address: 102 Burlington Street, Liverpool, L3 6DG


Content Provider


Communication Agencies
& PR Consultants

If you are a Communication Agency or a PR consultant, SCM Portal, as independent platform, has developed special offers to help your customers' communication needs and to support your activity.

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& HR Managers

If you are a Recruiter or an HR Manager interested in publishing your supply-chain vacancies, SCM Portal has developed special offers to support your recruiting process at local and global level.

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Media Partnership

SCM Portal encourage and promote
media partnerships.
If you are an Event Organizer or an Association
and you would like to have your events promoted through SCM Portal you can ask for a media partnership.

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