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Fuel Your Green Supply Chain: Optimizing Transportation Efficiencies


Green Supply Chain Optimizing Transportation Transportation

Benefits of Supply Chain Sustainability initiatives include the ability to cost-effectively plan distribution routes with suppliers and customers; maximize capacity and move full containers; consolidate multiple customer orders and eliminate expedited and extra shipping costs for on-time delivery while honoring customer delivery dates. All of these components come together to increase a company's competitive edge while lessening the impact the logistics processes have on the environment.
Sustainability and green supply chain initiatives are rapidly becoming high priorities at many companies as they seek to reduce supply chain costs while reducing their carbon footprint and becoming better stewards of the planet's natural resources. Over 75% of a company's carbon footprint is related to transportation and logistics activities. Reducing costs and saving our planet are aligned in many ways. A transportation management system can help your green supply chain initiatives (TMS) while cutting freight expense by 5% to 40%.


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