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Overcoming Order Management Complexity in Global Organizations


Order Management Supply Chain Complexity Supply Chain Integration

For most large organizations today, order management complexity creates problems including escalating supply chain costs, inaccurate promise dates, and higher-than-needed inventory. The difficulty of managing orders efficiently and accurately has been caused by increasing globalization, M&A activity, multiple channels to market, and complex supply chains – factors that are here to stay. This paper introduces a transformational solution to a problem that’s not going away, and which, if left untended, will likely get worse. Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO) cuts through order management complexity to create a centralized view of orders. It enables order management personnel to apply rules and processes enterprise-wide, and identify and rectify problems before they become an issue for customers. In doing so, Oracle Fusion DOO represents a major opportunity for large, complex organizations to streamline order management processes for lower costs, higher margins, and greatly improved customer service.

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