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From Customer Orders through Fulfillment: Challenges and Opportunities in Manufacturing, High-Tech & Retail


Order Management Order Fulfillment Manufacturing Industry

Order management and fulfillment has long been considered one of the core competencies of supply chain—and business—success. Today, maintaining a core competency in order management and fulfillment is more important than ever. At the same time, it’s become tougher than ever. The reasons are well familiar to any company operating in the global arena. Here are just a few:
- An explosion of order and delivery channels
- The complexity of global supply chains
- The rising expectations of customers and consumers

In a recent study conducted by Peerless Research Group on behalf of Supply Chain Management Review and Logistics Management for Oracle Corporation and Capgemini, 589 top supply chain executives in manufacturing, high-tech and retail businesses around the globe give a good sense of how well companies in these key sectors are meeting the order fulfillment challenge—and where they need to improve their game.

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