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Oracle Transportation Management on Oracle Engineered Systems: Optimized Performance and Business Value


Transportation Logistics Transportation Management

Two major trends make the efficient and reliable transportation of goods throughout a company’s supply chain more important than ever. First, the expansion of supply chains in search of new sources of supply and new markets for finished goods has resulted in transportation networks that are more global and complex in nature. These global transportation networks are more prone to disruptions, longer lead times, increased transit time variability, and higher transportation expenses. Second, fuel cost volatility and sustainability initiatives have brought greater focus to transport ation processes as companies search for both cost and carbon footprint efficiencies. The net result is a heightened need for transportation management solutions that enable companies to continuously optimize their transportation networks, provide near real-time visibility to in-transit shipments, and support operations anywhere in the world. Gartner’s recent transportation market trends report described the situation as "a golden opportunity" in the transportation management system market.

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