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WBT Introduction to Six Sigma


Six Sigma – the first step to becoming a black belt – solving problems and performing quality assurance with ease
Do you know the secret of Six Sigma? Not yet? Find out the secret and gain insight into a highly efficient methodology for developing solutions to problems. Using Six Sigma, you can analyse as well as optimise operational and internal processes of a company.

Within a learning time frame of ca. 30 minutes, you will get to know the basics of this methodology. Based on a standard case, you will become familiar with the five phases of a Six Sigma project and will learn which are the specific requirements of each project member. That is why this introduction is beneficial for future project managers, sponsors or members of a project team.


The Six Sigma phases:

  • D – Define Phase
  • M – Measure Phase
  • A – Analyze Phase
  • I – Improve Phase
  • C – Control Phase

The roles in a Six Sigma project:

  • Black belts and green belts
  • Project sponsors
  • Process owner
  • Project team
  • Internal and external customers





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