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WBT TPM - Total Productive Maintenance


It is always better to act than to react. Bearing this in mind, many businesses strive to stabilise the performance of their plants and to introduce preventative maintenance. The term TPM stands for "Total Productive Maintenance".

The following results were achieved in industry processes thanks to the implementation of this method: a 40% increase in operating times, a 10% increase in machine speed, a 95% reduction in the number of unexpected machine downtimes, a 90% reduction in the error rate as well as an increase in productivity of up to 50% and an increase of almost 200% in ROI.

However, in spite of the concept being very simple, many companies fail at the implementation stage. TPM requires meticulous planning as well as interlinking with other methods of the value added system; it should also be targeted at the specific conditions of employees and machines. 20% of TPM is therefore a technical challenge, while 80% of it is an organisational challenge.

The online training imparts fundamental knowledge about TPM. Here you will find out what TPM is and how you can implement this model in practice.




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