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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

Course Detail

Supply Chain Project Management: Vendor Selection & Management


Education Center: Georgia Tech - The Supply Chain and Logistics Institute
Date: 29 October 2019
City: Georgia Tech Savannah Campus

Duration: 3 days

This course provides a deeper understanding of the PMBOK knowledge areas of project integration and procurement applied in the supply chain vendor selection and management process. To keep pace with the continuous moves toward outsourcing of operations and the advancement of technology, companies need to focus on selecting the right suppliers and partnerships to provide the most value to their customers and to remain profitable. This course provides the knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure that you are selecting the right supply chain partners (including 3PL’s) based on your business goals. Emphasis is placed on understanding alternative techniques for supplier selection including applied quantitative decision making techniques.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the common types of supply chain selection projects
  • Ensure stakeholder alignment through the supply chain project lifecycle
  • Manage a supply chain selection project including defining operational requirements, the RFI/RFQ/RFP process, and selecting the right vendor
  • Use decision matrices to drive objective, consensus-driven selections
  • Understand the supply chain solution provider landscape and types of systems available on the market
  • Understand the best practices when selecting the right partners based on the PMBOK project Integration and Procurement Knowledge areas
  • Monitor and measure vendor performance as part of the selection process
  • Understand the legal and ethical considerations for vendor selection

What Is Covered

  • Review of PMPBOK Focus Areas for the Course
  • Overview of Managing a Supply Chain Selection Project
  • The Role of Benchmarking in Evaluating and Selecting Solutions
  • Overview of the Third Party Logistics Provider Market
  • Overview of Supply Chain Solution Providers (WMS, TMS, OMS, ERP, etc.)
  • Evaluating Cloud vs. On-Premise Solutions and Pricing Models
  • Managing the Requirements Planning & Stakeholder Interview Process
  • Understanding RFP, RFI, and RFQ
  • Planning the Solution Evaluation and RFP Process
  • Managing the RFP Process
  • Defining Vendor Requirements
  • Application of Decision Theory and Matrices in Driving Consensus
  • Supply Chain Vendor Selection Best Practices
  • Common Pitfalls in Supply Chain Vendor Selection & Management
  • Supply Chain Selection Best Practices
  • Application of Decision Theory and Matrices in Driving Consensus
  • Contract Administration & Management
  • Legal & Ethical Vendor Management/Project Considerations






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