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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Transitions from Supply Chain Management, Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Solutions

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Education Center: ISM - Institute for Supply Management
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City: Orlando, FL

Duration: 2 days

This seminar is a must for the purchasing and supply chain manager who knows the future opportunities leading toward that corner office is dependent on meshing the functional areas of the operation around the strengths of SCM. Get insight on how you can integrate these critical areas, into an operationally cohesive unit such that we can best protect our supply chain and ensure both higher degrees of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. These skills will be critical in the future to protect our supply chain, negotiate well defined contracts, being in-tune with the customers’ demands, while creating a cost effective, lean operational unit to produce to demand while reducing inventory carrying cost and increasing cash flow.

This meeting will run from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM daily.

Who should attend?

This session is developed for all purchasing and supply chain professionals who are focused on the strategic impact the organization can make when integrated into a seamless enterprise. While focused toward the buyer and SCM professionals, department leads, supervisors, managers, directors, Vice-President, EVP’s and departmental presidents. While SCM can and will take the lead, we work with the key professionals in these other strategic areas. This session is necessary to restructure into a porous, connected team the areas which will lead your company in the challenging times ahead. If you do not take this session to enhance your career do it for those which depend on you.

You will earn 14 CEHs for this seminar

You will learn

  • How to be the drivers of transformation within you company for the future
  • Why changes of the past did not conform to a global, integrated marketplace for bit buys and sales
  • How to bring in the others in advance to deliver a true seamless process which starts at the operational level
  • How to challenge conventional ideas and amended on the design flow allowing for the strengths and weakness of each area to be evaluated
  • How to follow the steps to success and bring this enterprise forward, establish a 360-degree communication conduit, seek a meeting of the minds
  • To expect resistance and show those WIFM, how their input and presence going forward is critical and steps to overcome resistance
  • How to show the organization and senior management how the application of Integrated Business Processes (IBP) will support the strategic needs of the firm
  • How to move beyond paralysis of analysis and START, small successes are acceptable, and setbacks can enhance the redesign
  • How to make IBP the new path going forward, lower total cost, increased inventory turns, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and benchmark profitability await
  • How to tie all successes into financial impact and gain to the company






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