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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Contract and Procurement Fraud

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Education Center: ISM - Institute for Supply Management
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City: Nashville, TN

Duration: 2 days

Contractors and suppliers know their business well and they have seen good SCMs and weak SCMs. They also know the what tactics will work against a given level of experience and sophistication on our side of the table. This seminar will help you identify the Fraud Triad, the Faces of Fraud, expense reimbursement fraud, inventory fraud, Internet fraud, purchasing specific fraud applications and others common in the trade. It will show you the value of a periodic audit on any major contract and the process for justifying a claim and reimbursement or tendering this for legal review. This session has several case examples, small summary vignettes within purchasing and contracts as well as tool to counter act such activities from ever occurring in the operations.

This meeting will run from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM daily.

Who should attend?

This session is essential for any organization which expended sizable sums of money with a few select suppliers or contractors. All levels of purchasing and SCM professionals, contract administrators, contract managers, project managers and senior managers will benefit.

You will earn 14 CEHs for this seminar

You will learn

  • Common fraud examination tools and applications
  • Types of fraud categories most employed in purchasing, contract management, personal expense categories, the Internet, bidding and asset misappropriation
  • Audit types often employed by SCMs and purchasing professionals of various contract types
  • Audit triggers, examples employed in fraud investigations
  • To employ certain audit types to ensure the standards of professional assurance are being met by the contractor and the SCM
  • The question to employ when conducting an in-house review and investigation
  • Remedies to employ as a Company to a contractor/supplier, to an employee and what the law would avail.
  • To better track and review your own contracts.






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