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Course Detail

Negotiation Fundamentals: Principled Techniques, Exceptional Outcomes (formerly Principled Negotiations)


Education Center: ISM - Institute for Supply Management
Date: 13 May 2020
City: Las Vegas, NV

Duration: 2 days

Hone your negotiating and influencing skills with this interactive seminar. You’ll learn how to successfully prepare, plan and conduct a successful negotiation. In addition to exercises and real-world examples, this seminar provides an opportunity to practice what you've learned by developing a negotiation strategy and conducting an actual negotiation. And to ensure you’ve unlocked your negotiating potential, the negotiation simulation will be followed by a debriefing session to clarify and reinforce the negotiating learning points.

This meeting will run from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM daily.

Who Should Attend?

Supply management professionals and others who want to build or improve the negotiation skills and techniques that are critical in today’s competitive marketplace.

 You Will Learn

  • Understanding the foundation of negotiation: What, why and when; Different negotiation philosophies and styles
  • Differentiating between the two types of negotiation
  • Learning the basics of negotiation ethics
  • Preparing for the negotiation process: Identifying interests versus positions/interests; Developing principled proposals and preparing concessions; Determining walk-away alternatives to decide when to stay and negotiate and when to leave;;
  • Identifying objective standards to ensure the fairness of proposals
  • Developing effective strategy development: Using results of preparation to determine who negotiates; When to negotiate; Where to negotiate; The importance of identifying key stakeholders, their interests and buy-in
  • Selecting an effective negotiation style: The attributes of a good negotiator and how you can develop them
  • Conducting the negotiation: Putting your strategy into action; Monitoring your progress and maintaining flexibility
  • Using communication techniques: Active listening; Types of questioning styles; Expressing views effectively; Identifying and clarifying assumptions and assessing validity
  • Employing the power of alternatives to a negotiated agreement: To reveal or not to reveal; How to increase your negotiating power by developing a walk-away alternative
  • Recognizing power and positions of strength: Improve your ability to assess a situation and identify all of the issues that give each party their strength
  • Improving your ability to use information in the negotiations
  • Learning negotiating tactics/styles: Different types of tactics; How to recognize them; How to counteract them and get things back on track
  • Avoiding deadlines and learning to manage them
  • Appreciating the critical need of post-negotiation performance evaluation

Course Outline

  • The Why and When of Negotiation
  • The Two Types of Negotiation
  • Ethics as Part of Every Negotiation
  • Preparing for a Negotiation
  • How Using a BATNA Will Drive Your Success
  • Contracts as Part of a Negotiation
  • Evaluation of a Negotiation
  • Using Information to Your Advantage
  • Using Time to Your Advantage
  • Using Power to Your Advantage
  • Characteristics of a Good Negotiator
  • Negotiation Styles and Personality Types
  • Principled Negotiation – The Ultimate Style That Leads to Success
  • The Rules of Communication
  • Useful a d Practical Tips for the Negotiator
  • Tactics: Those to Use and Those to Avoid

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