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Inventory Analysis- Planning and Forecasting

Supply and demand signals are always changing, and supply management professionals must strive to keep pace. Learn the balancing act between cash outlay and the availability of inventory in this ISM supply management course. You will learn how to factor in production schedules and cyclical usage patterns to ensure suppliers are prepared. In this course, you will also gain understanding that with proper planning and forecasting, the process can be optimized. Finally, you will learn how to use analysis strategy to enable your goals to align with the overall organization


Ethical codes of practice in procurement and supply

This module examines the role of ethical codes in the Procurement and supply function, and the kind of detail these codes typically contain. It also looks at the role of corporate governance in procurement and supply, and its impact on the work of the function.


The main techniques used for ordering supplies

This module examines the main techniques used for ordering supplies


Executing and Closing Negotiations

Within a negotiation, closing the deal is critical. While an organization can spend significant time planning, the execution and closure phases must be well defined. When internal alignment is not coordinated, a supplier can use this weakness to their advantage to gain an upper hand. In this ISM supply management negotiation course, you’ll learn how a strategic shift can optimize outcomes. You’ll gain skills to leverage information, gather data and gain power to ensure goals and results are met.


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Inventory Analysis- Segmentation and Variability

Inventory exists because the lead time to provide products to customers is longer than many customers are willing to wait. Inventory can be expensive; therefore, an organization must determine the correct levels to maintain. There are several approaches to balance this challenge. With dynamic business environments, ongoing demand changes can create problems. In this ISM supply management course, you will use forecasting and planning tools that comprehend such variables and ensure the needs of the customer, business and suppliers are met.




Contracting Compliance and Performance

Business processes are key to successful contract management. A variety of concepts, including compliance and auditability, must be considered to ensure the organization is protected. Administration and measurement are critical. In this ISM supply management course, you will learn how to optimize the resources that will ensure impactful results for compliance and performance.


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The main implications of globalisation on supply chain management

This module critically evaluates the main implications of globalisation on supply chain management, including the impact of corporate governance and the integration of procurement systems in globalised supply chains.


The main approaches in negotiating commercial agreements with external organisations

This module considers the application of commercial negotiations and the main approaches in the negotiation of agreements with external organisations. It also provides an introduction into the importance of power and the relationship spectrum in commercial negotiations.


Supply chain improvement

This module considers supply chain improvement in detail, looking at techniques for improving quality and for improving processes.


Cost and Price Concepts

Differentiating cost and price concepts is a strategic advantage for an organization and a unique and valuable skill to possess as a supply management professional. Often, cost and price are generically interchanged, resulting in missed opportunities. In this ISM supply management course, you’ll learn the unique attributes of cost and price and how to manage and source accordingly. You’ll understand how cost and price analyses are complimentary and serve as springboards from a tactical to a strategic approach.


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