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Implications of contractual non-performance

This module examines the legal consequences of failure to perform contracts.


Effective and efficient administration of purchases made with external suppliers

This module examines the administration and approval processes used within the pre and post contract stages.


Category Management Supplier Segmentation

Category management is a framework that encompasses several supply management topics. In this course, you’ll discover the basis of category segmentation, organizational structures, strategies, execution and review systems. You will understand how organizational alignment to category foundations is an often-overlooked discipline and how to create alignment to benefit the business. You’ll gain clarity in these areas that will help drive strategic results for your organization...


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Fundamentals of specifications and key performance indicators

This module considers the use of specifications when procuring products and services and how key performance indicators can be used to define and manage contractual performance.


Cost and Price Segmentation

Understanding how to differentiate between cost and price to gain a competitive advantage is a valuable skill to have as a supply management professional. Solid cost and price data allow an organization to use multiple strategies to gain the best value. In this ISM course, you’ll learn how cost analysis is made up of several components and how to calculate, document and leverage each. You will gain insights on application with various supplier segments and learn how to gather information from many sources to make educated recommendations and decisions.


Formation of contracts

This module looks at the fundamentals of contracting and the effect of EU legislation on contracts and the impact on the economic and legal environment.


Developing a standard purchase order for goods or services

This module examines the elements required in order to complete a purchase order for goods and services


Introduction to Spend Analysis

Spend analysis can refer to several different types of business analysis, all using spend data or data collected based on the money a company spends with suppliers. This course will introduce you to the categorization of the data, classification and determination of addressable and non-addressable spend. You will also review the Pareto analysis and the process of data cleaning. Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped with new skills and knowledge in financial analysis as a supply management professional.


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From Back Room to Board Room; Procurement As a Strategic Partner

In many companies, procurement has an image problem. It’s often seen as a “clerical” function relegated to processing POs after the contract has been negotiated and signed. This ISM procurement course will help you to overcome this challenge and position procurement as a strategic partner within your organization. As companies seek additional sources of value, procurement has an opportunity to position itself as a strategic enabler of success. In this course, you’ll learn how to raise procurement’s profile by understanding shared goals, s


Legal issues relating to the formation of contracts

This module introduces you to the key legal issues, documentation and types of contractual agreements relating to the supply of goods and services.

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