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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

15 Aug 2018
The Role of Cloud in Digital Transformations

Mark Nordick

It’s an exciting time to be a supply chain professional, as new technology advancements such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fueling rapid supply chain innovation. Cutting-edge solutions are being built on cognitive, connected and open platforms, making it possible for companies to turn vast volumes of real-time data and insights into fast, profitable business decisions. At the same time, cloud computing is making it easier and faster for companies to achieve ROI while also reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

At JDA, we firmly believe in the value of deploying JDA solutions in the cloud and provide our customers with various offerings, including Software as a Service (SaaS). Earlier this month, we extended our commitment to SaaS by announcing a strategic partnership with Microsoft, our latest step toward achieving our vision of providing and enabling the Autonomous Supply Chain™. The partnership will enable JDA to build cognitive SaaS solutions on the market-leading Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Through this infusion of advanced, intelligent cloud capabilities, we’ll be able to further accelerate our clients’ digital supply chain transformations. That’s why now is the time for our customers to start thinking about moving their on-premise solutions to JDA SaaS.

When you migrate your JDA solutions from on premise to SaaS, you’ll be able to:

Lower your TCO. By moving to SaaS, you’ll boost your bottom line by reducing hiring and training costs for in-house patching, upgrading and testing, as well as costs associated with real estate and IT infrastructure such as servers, hardware, in-house systems, security, power and cooling. Yet, cost savings alone are not the only reason to make the move. By offloading these tasks to JDA, you’ll be able to free up your workforce to focus on core, strategic initiatives. Plus, you’ll alleviate any concerns about losing knowledge expertise if your key resources make a career change.

Ensure optimal performance. Because JDA is managing the deployment environment, it’s easier and faster to realize value from your JDA solutions when in a SaaS model. Once your solutions are live, JDA extends this value by guaranteeing a fast response time (20 minutes) and resolution time (4 hours) through its SLAs should an issue arise. You’ll be able to access our Support team 24×7 and can have an unlimited number of support cases and authorized contacts, with upgrades and disaster recovery included.

Access next-gen capabilities available only by having your solutions on JDA SaaS. By migrating to the JDA SaaS platform, you’ll benefit from low-cost and simple integration to JDA® Luminate™, a first-of-its-kind portfolio of next-generation solutions and core product enhancements. JDA Luminate offers an intelligent way to predict and shape demand, fulfill faster and deliver seamless customer experiences. It is built on an open, cognitive platform that connects intelligent data and insights using an open API ecosystem that leverages AI, IoT and the digital edge.

We’re offering special incentives for our customers to migrate their JDA solutions to JDA SaaS. Visit jda.com/MigrateToSaaS to learn more and contact your renewal partner or call 833-JDA-4ROI to discuss your migration options today.

Learn more about how we’re turning our Autonomous Supply Chain vision into a reality by viewing the following resources: JDA Luminate, our next-generation platform and solutions; JDA’s acquisition of Blue Yonder; and JDA’s strategic partnership with Microsoft.






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